A Life In Coffee ...

Thirty years and thousands of cups ago, Arnold Spinelli fell in love with coffee. He was working in the restaurant industry selling La Marzocco espresso machines when he became fascinated with the beans themselves and co-founded Spinelli Coffee Company, opening stores in San Francisco and eventually Singapore and Taiwan.

The Relentless Pursuit of Quality...

A chance meeting with Alfred Peet, founder of Peet's Coffee and the man primarily responsible for cultivating the Bay Area's taste for fine coffee, led to a lifelong friendship filled with weekly cuppings and countless conversations in which Alfred shared his knowledge and passion for the relentless pursuit of quality. 

"Our job is roasting coffee for you to enjoy

  brewed at home your favorite way"

— Arnold Spinelli

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However you brew them, our beans will always deliver quality and consistency

The finest coffee is always hand picked.

Uncompromised Quality...

LaCoppa loyalists continue to taste Arnold's insistence on uncompromised quality in every cup. Not complicated or overly precious, it's just exceptionally good, consistently delicious coffee.