The Spinelli Roast

We carry on the tradition of truly delicious coffee by giving each roast 110% of our attention and focus, and shipping each bag not more than 48 hours after we’ve roasted the beans. 

The Roast Master

Our Roast Master, John Ortaleza, has devoted over 25 years to perfecting the Spinelli Roast. His pride, focus and knowledge are evidenced in every roast.


"’ll find a highly experienced Roast Master who's been with us for 25 years. "

Finely Tuned... Perfectly Roasted

The Probat Roaster is considered the best roaster in the business, but the great taste of LaCoppa coffee comes from the way in which we roast.

Using all of our senses—sight, sound, smell, taste—to create finely tuned, perfectly roasted blends and single origin coffees that make the very most of the high-quality beans we source.